The village of Magrè, at the southern end of the Alto Adige “wine road,” is one of the region’s last, almost entirely untouched idylls. Our Vineria Paradeis stands directly on the old village square. Contemporary architecture within historical walls. It is a place for enjoyment and relaxation.

For a quick espresso or an extended session of wine tasting. We invite you to make here the acquaintance of the world and the wines of Alois Lageder; to enjoy a good meal; or to pick out a book from the shelves and take a seat by the fireplace in the company of a glass of fine wine, and simply to forget for a moment about everything else. During the warmer seasons of the year, our cobble-stoned inner courtyard welcomes you with the fragrant perfumes of lemon and orange trees, jasmine and pomegranates.

Vineria Paradeis, Piazza S. Geltrude 10, 39040 Magrè, T +39 0471 809 580, F +39 0471 809 585,