The New Winery

An Integrated Concept

“Bringing nature indoors.” That was Alois Lageder’s goal for the project and construction of a new complex of winemaking facilities and cellars at the historical Löwengang estate in Magrè.

Focusing on sustainable construction techniques, biological building materials, and the use of renewable sources of energy, the project was inaugurated in 1995 and was soon recognized as the harbinger of contemporary winery architecture in Alto Adige. A light-filled building with low-energy-consumption; abundant glass and wood; roofs with southern exposure that utilizees photovoltaic solar energy for most of the winery’s energy needs. The result is a place where wine and man co-exist in a natural, healthy, and aesthetically satisfying context that is free from harmful influences (e.g. electro smog), and which also fulfills the criteria for sustainable economic and agricultural activities.