Alois Lageder

The family estate Alois Lageder is a synonym for the highest standard of quality in viticulture and winemaking, for a sustainable, holistic corporate philosophy, and for a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic activities. Founded in 1823, and now directed by Alois Lageder and Alois Clemens Lageder, representing the fifth and sixth generation of family ownership, the estate combines tradition and innovation.

“Quality results from a large number of single and often tiny details,” says Alois Lageder. “In our daily dealings with wine, we are first of all concerned with respecting the harmonious interaction of many different factors, and with working in accord with nature.” The roots of our estate goes back to 1823, when Johann Lageder laid the foundations in Bolzano of the activities in which we are involved today. Winemaking has been a part of the history of the Lageder family for more than a hundred and fifty years, and throughout that period of time we have always been committed to the highest standard of quality.

The principles of holistic thinking and sustainability guide everything we do in our vineyards and estate. Respect for nature is our highest priority and is expressed through our commitment to biodynamic agriculture. We carefully and consistently attempt to take the best possible advantage of the characteristics and special features of every individual locale. The Alto Adige region offers an enormous variety of sites, exposures, soils and microclimates, and thus the best prerequisites for highly individual wines, marked by distinctive terroir. Work in the vineyards is guided by the cycles and forces of nature, from the initial planting of the grapevines to choosing the right moment for harvest. The vineyards that belong to the family (about fifty hectares) located at Magrè, Cortaccia, Termeno and Caldaro are cultivated with biodynamic methods, controlled and certified by the Demeter Association. The Lindenburg vineyard at Bolzano and the Krafuss vineyard at S. Michele/Appiano are in conversion.
The close cooperation with contracted growers is a fundamental component of our company history. In many cases we have worked with these vintners on a contract basis for many years. We have sought out vintners whose vineyards offer ideal conditions for particular grape varieties. Our collaborations are governed by strict quality criteria, mutual respect and the regular sharing of experiences and information.
We launched a project several years ago with the concrete goal to raise the awareness of our partner companies for sustainable agriculture. Of the approx. 110 hectares of land from which we obtain grapes, a quarter - at the beginning of 2015 - is already under biodynamic cultivation.

Our portfolio of wines is divided into three groups - the Classic Varietals, the Terroir Selections, the Farms - a selection based on both the quality of the wines and their origin.

Healthy, perfectly mature grapes, careful and protective working methods in both vineyard and cellar, and time, first of all, are the most important preconditions for the production of exceptional wines. The principle that guides our work in the cellars at the Löwengang estate winemaking facility is to preserve the qualities that originate in the vineyards. Our recently constructed cellar complex in Magrè, built in accordance with the principles of biological building, therefore makes use of innovative concepts and techniques: the grapes thus move along a downwards path through our vinification tower-some seventeen meters tall--conducted solely by the force of gravity.

Holistic thinking is a sum of sustainable agricultural and business practices, respect for nature, appreciation of the surrounding environment, and responsibility to future generations. It’s also a question of looking beyond the theme of wine. In collaboration with the Ecological Institute of South Tyrol, we also sponsor and engage in ecological projects. “Wine,” says Alois Lageder “is a product that offers an complex experience. It brings many different areas of life together.” All the various facets of the life of our winery come together at our Vineria Paradeis: a place to which we are happy to invite you to become acquainted with the world and the wines of Alois Lageder.