The most perfectly positioned vineyards and the noblest grape varieties will never produce great wines without the efforts of human beings. At the Alois Lageder winery, this element of human commitment has both a past and a future.

For the creation of extraordinary wines, one also needs something more than healthy, fully-ripened grapes from the best vineyard sites. There is also a need for the right philosophy and for true human commitment. One of our primary goals is to pay attention to the natural properties of our vineyards and to make the best possible use of them.

Every location has its own particular merits and characteristics; for every variety of grape, there are particular conditions in which it prefers to grow. We see it as our task to create ideal synergies, supporting nature’s work, thereby taking on the role of “midwives” who facilitate the birth of wines of great elegance, clarity, body, strength, and authenticity.

Biodynamic viticulture emphasizes the specific character of every individual locale and enhances the quality of its wines. Our wines are deeply connected to the landscapes in which they are born. Located between the north and the south, the cool air of the Alps and the warm sun of Mediterranean, the Alto Adige region possesses an enormous wealth of heterogeneous sites, soils, exposures and microclimates. The region has been so generously blessed by nature that it stands out as a template for the production of highly individual wines marked by very distinctive terroir. In order to bring such authentic character to its fullest possible expression, in our vineyards we use the wealth of knowledge about the rhythms and cycles of nature that local farmers have accumulated over centuries. The varying climate and soil conditions of Alto Adige make it especially important to find the most suitable variety of grape for every particular site: at Alois Lageder we have been meeting this challenge for over a hundred and fifty years, and this is the distinguishing feature of our wines.

Our use of modern cellar technology restricts itself to the supportive role of making wines that express the qualities of the grapes from which they are made, which have been grown in harmony with nature. Constantly interacting with these various influences, we constantly pursue the goal of producing wines that reflect our commitment to sustainable procedures in the cellars no less than in the vineyards. Every glass of the wines we produce must tell a story: stories of the vineyard site that grew their grapes, and of the human beings who were their caretakers. Wines that developed in close accord with the natural forces and conditions around them, and which are therefore marked by exceptional elegance, balance, complexity and harmony.

The grapes from about fifty hectares of vineyards which belong to the family are used for the wines of the Tenutæ Lageder assortment. These wines are distinguished by their origin from vineyards that are biodynamically farmed, by the delicate treatment they receive in the cellars, and also, only in selected cases, by maturation in high-quality barriques. This is the path, in close collaboration with nature, which leads to wines of the highest quality. They are flanked by the Alois Lageder assortment: largely single-varietal wines that are typical of the Alto Adige region and which meet our high quality standards. These wines are made from grapes coming from the best vineyards of quality-conscious growers, some of whom we have worked with for decades. These collaborations are governed by specific cultivation criteria and the ongoing sharing of experiences and information, as well as by mutual respect, all of which contribute to excellent levels of synergy between grapegrower and winemaker.

All of our wines have one thing in common: they stand for the ambition to work in harmony with nature and for knowledge derived from tradition, as well for an open view and courage of innovation. The pleasure of enjoying fine wine always remains the first priority. Alois Lageder aptly remarks, “Our goal does not lie in the production of striking, imposing wines that make a big show of themselves in tastings. Our aim is to offer wines that are more essential and more highly differentiated; wines of which one happily drinks a second glass, and which harmonize with and enhance the enjoyment of a fine meal.”