Alois Lageder

WeinBrief 21.06.2011

Dear Friends of the Alois Lageder Winery,

From Nature we learn, that nothing is permanent – that everything is in constant motion, evolution and continually changing. Today, on the Summer Solstice, the sun is standing at its highest point in the sky, and is giving us its full measure of light and warmth. And although this marks only the beginning of the summer, we are, at the same moment, experiencing the turning-point, and the days are starting to grow shorter. For the plants which have been striving heavenward up till now, it means that it is now time to invest all of their energies in forming and ripening their fruits.

In our vineyards, the very mild temperatures during the first months of the year resulted in a very early blossoming, starting around May 10. The grapes are now hanging visibly on the vines, and everything points to a very early harvest.
Year after year, it is with fascination that we observe the developments in the natural world around us, and are continuing to learn from them. In keeping with our holistic company philosophy, we strive to take as many of those factors into account in our work as possible. We try to understand the complex interplay of natural forces, the effects of man in his cultural context, technical aspects, but also the cosmos as a whole – the past and the future, tradition and innovation. You can read more about our holistic approach in this WineBrief.

For us, this holistic approach means also that we define our enterprise not only as a winery conducting a pure crop monoculture, but as a multi-facetted agricultural farm, with all that this entails. Besides grapes, in the future, we would like to also integrate other crops and thus provide for more-balanced environmental conditions in which different forms of animal life could also thrive. At the Römigberg, Löwengang, and Hirschprunn Estate vineyards, we are now also employing workhorses for various viticultural tasks. In the vineyards around Magrè, we had sheep to graze in the winter months; they not only massage the soil with their hooves and activate the growth of the young plants, but they also provide excellent organic fertilizer for the production of humus.

In all areas of our work, we have always striven to preserve the traditions – but also to remain innovative and to look to the future at the same time. That is why we have decided, starting with the wines of the 2010 vintage, to provide the varietal white wines and the Lagrein Rosé of the Alois Lageder range (with the exception of Gewürztraminer and Müller Thurgau) with a high quality screw cap closure. We have long term tested these screw caps and are convinced that they are perfectly suited for wines intended for consumption within a few years, and will meet the highest quality demands. All the wines of the Tenutæ Lageder range will continue to be cloased with natural corks.

Wishing you a pleasant summer,

Alois Lageder

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